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Picture Lake Garda

Pictures of Riva del Garda in Italy

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Mist over Lake Garda in Italy, looking South from Riva del Garda at the head of the lake Lamplit alley on a wet day in Riva on Lake Garda Brilliantly coloured flowers in a window in Riva del Garda brightened a rainy day Small yachts in the harbour at Riva which lies at the northernmost end of Lake Garda, Italy View southwards over Lake Garda from Riva del Garda in Italy This bus station is on the northern edge of Riva del Garda on Lake Garda in Italy

Riva del Garda at the head of the lake

The bus station at Riva. Buses run to the suburbs of Milan but not the city centre

Small yachts in the harbour at Riva

Even in the rain Riva was beautiful

The mountain rises sharply from Riva at the northern end of the lake

Looking South from Riva on Lake Garda in Italy

It was raining but it enhances the colours

We'd planned to take a bus to Riva at the top of Lake Garda. At Hotel Royal Village in Limone they gave us the times and told us the bus left from the tourist information office. The hotel staff checked to see if we knew where the tourist office was but we'd seen it in the town near the shore of Lake Garda. After a lazy breakfast in the hotel we left with just enough time to catch the bus.

It was only when we got down to the lake that we realised there was no way a bus could get down these tiny streets. We checked the map and found another tourist information office on the Gardesana Occidentale road, above the old town in Limone, back up the hill where we'd come from and not far from our hotel. With no chance of catching the bus we decided to go up Lake Garda to Riva by boat.

This site is being developed so please be patient with us. We'd love to get back to take more pictures of Riva del Garda to do the beautiful town a little more justice. Visiting Riva for only a few hours  on an unusually rainy day is perhaps not fair!